Non-invasive Intimate Pink Device Addressing Intimate Pigmentation

Using 27.12 megawatts of medium and high frequency radio frequency technology and nano-disintegration technology, it opens up the metabolism and quickly shatters the original mother cell pigment particles, which are metabolized by the lymphatic process to solve the pigmentation in the intimate area, mainly in the groin, vulva and areola, bringing back the original pink colour of the skin.

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Working Principle Using 27.12 megawatts of medium and high frequency RF technology to open up skin channels, accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism. Finally, the nano-decomposition technology is used to break down the original mother cell pigment particles into 150 times more molecular particles, which are better metabolized out of the body through lymphatic flow. Main Technologies Medium and high frequency RF technology Using 27.12 megawatts of medium and high frequency RF to open the skin channels, accelerate blood microcirculation and speed up metabolism. Nano Decomposition Technology Using 38,000 high frequency oscillations per second, it shatters cellular pigments and breaks down pigment cell particles into molecular particles 150 times the size of the original mother cells, which are metabolised out of the body through the lymphatic system.   Application 1. Groin: darkening, purplish, etc. 2. Vulva: hyperpigmentation, keratin thickening, darkening 3. Areola: thickened melanin in the areola due to breastfeeding, increased hormone levels in the body, etc.   Advantage 1.Non-surgical, non-staining, non-embroidery, non-laser.    2.Applicable to a wide range of people, no need to apply anesthetic, safe and non-invasive, no swelling and pain, no side effects. 3.No decolorization, no discoloration after operation. 4.The effect is immediate, does not affect the body and reproductive health, instantly emitting charming brilliance. 5.No staining, no peeling, no needles, no medication, 5-10 minutes at a time, instant pinkness. 6.The operation time is 15-20 minutes, lunch break type body beauty, does not affect normal life at all.   小粉鲍详情1 小粉鲍详情2 小粉鲍详情3 小粉鲍详情4    

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